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Animal Sponsorship Opportunities

Do you want to help animals in need, but are unable to adopt or provide foster care? Animal sponsorship is a great opportunity. The following animals are residents of the KSAN animal sanctuary. They each have special needs that YOU can help with! Read about them here, or arrange to have a visitation to meet them in person.


In Memoriam

In Memory of "Oliver"...This Kindred Spirits Sponsorship page is dedicated in loving memory to our Oliver. Oliver became a permanent resident of KSAN, as he lived with special needs due to remnants of buckshot in his face from one of his previous 9 lives. Oliver was the epitome of a success story of sponsorship. He was always one of the first to greet new guests with love and head-butts. All in all, Oliver defied the odds and lived over 17 years, passing on in August of 2008.

Meet "Ears"...Male ~ 3 or 4 years old. Ears is deaf and prone to ear infections. He is a very sweet cat, but prefers outdoor living. The KSAN animal sanctuary has a large, safe fenced area for our indoor/outdoor kitties. Ears cannot be adopted without proper fencing and access to the great outdoors! Sponsorship Needs: $10.00 per month to offset the cost of allowing Ears to stay safely at the KSAN animal sanctuary until san adopting family (with a cat fence) gives him a permanent home. Interested in sponsoring Ears?
Meet "Bob"...Bob is approximately 5 years old and was a feral cat until he had a stroke. Since his stroke, he has become very tame and has learned to manage his disability. He is blind, deaf and cannot feel sensation on one side of his body. He can see, hear and feel on the other side. For medical reasons we do not expect to put Bob up for adoption, but we would love a sponsor to help offset his needs. Bob loves cuddling, playing with toys and watching movies. Will you help sponsor Bob? We will send pictures and updates. Sponsorship Needs: We encourage $10.00 per month to offset the cost of giving Bob a permanent home at the KSAN animal sanctuary. Interested in sponsoring Bob?

Meet "ORIAH"...She is the sweetest kitten you'll ever meet. ORIAH was born with part of her brain missing and requires special food and care. Visit her in Mazomanie, and she will win your heart. She has the courage of a lion and has managed her disability with the kind of grace only animals seem to be capable of. She can teach us so much without ever speaking a word. Sponsorship Needs: We encourage $10.00 or more per month as her food is very costly, and we are seeking more than one sponsor for Oriah. Interested in sponsoring ORIAH?

Meet "Tango"...Tango is what we call a "lifer" here at the KSAN animal sanctuary. Why? Well, Tango has a biting tendency. He is the sweetest cat around, until he takes a bite! For this reason he will stay in our care. Tango is ~6 year old male who loves to be loved (but watch out, he has mood swings!). Should you choose to sponsor Tango, we will update you, and you can visit Tango and all his Buddies in Mazomanie at the sanctuary. Sponsorship Needs: We encourage $10.00 per month to offset the cost of giving Tango (and his teeth) a permanent, safe home. Interested in sponsoring Tango?

Meet "Lightning"... Lightening is a feral male (pictured on right), ~2 years. We love him dearly, but he suffers from anxiety and licks off his fur all the time. He will be with us for a long time, we hope. Feel free to visit him and his feral buddies. Sponsorship Needs: We encourage $10.00 per month for each kitty to offset their costs. Extra sponsorship for Oliver's meds would be greatly appreciated! Interested in sponsoring Oliver? Interested in sponsoring Lightning?

Meet "Barney"...Barney is a male, ~7 years old, with "Irritable Bowel Disease". Despite our efforts, Bob still poops all over, making his chances of adoption remote. He is a lover boy and has a wonderful home in the KSAN cat loft. Please consider sponsoring Bob. You may visit him, and we will send you updates. Sponsorship Needs: We encourage $10.00 per month to offset the cost of giving Barney a permanent home in the loft. Interested in sponsoring Barney?
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