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Cats and Kittens

  • Kindred Spirits offers $25.00 adoptions for adult animals*. This adoption fee INCLUDES:
    • First (3) shots
    • De-worming
    • FIV-testing
    • Spay/Neuter
    • All for the $25 adoption fee!
    • *Kitten adoption is $35.
  • Compare this to the approximate cost of these services outside of KSAN:
    • 1 Rabies shot = $19.00
    • 2 Distemper (a series) shots = $27.00
    • FIV/Luk test = $48.00
    • De-wormer = $20.00
    • Fecal Check = $14.00
    • Office visit(s) $33.00 - $161.00 depending on the policy of the vet
    • At 5-6 mos, add a spay = $185.00 or a neuter = $76.00.
    • So, in the first year of a healthy pet's life, the approx. cost for a female is: $346, and for a male: $237. (Of course, worth every penny.)
  • But for KSAN adoptions, you pay only $25. You're doing a good thing and saving lots of money. What a deal!

Cat Adoption Support Information

  • Adjustment to new home: The best way to allow a cat to begin adjustment is simply to leave it alone. If there are kids in the home, encourage them to sit and watch TV or play in their rooms while the cat has a few hours to walk around and check things out. If the cat decides to hide for a bit, let it. If food and water is left out the cat will come out at his or her own pace. If there are other pets in the home, put a dog on a leash so that you have control over the situation; let other cats meet on their own around the corner or up the stairs. Be prepared for hissing, growling or even chasing, because that’s what cats do. It is normal and it is OK. Expect a three- to six-month period of adjustment.
  • Health and Veterinary care: Adopters are required to keep vaccinations up-to-date and make a yearly visit to the veterinarian to ensure optimum health.
  • Identification: Most people feel that collars on cats are a bad idea, when in fact it can be their ticket home. Cats that are found with collars and I.D. tags are not mistaken for strays. I.D. tags are one way to quickly reunite lost cats with their owners.  Growing in popularity is microchipping your pet.  Consult your local vet to see where and when you can get this done.  A tiny device is painlessly inserted under the skin with all the information needed to get the animal back home.  Many, if not all, shelters now carry 'scanners' HIGHLY RECOMMENDED. 
  • Exercise: It is getting more and more dangerous to allow cats outside. The KSAN is a big fan of indoor cats. We realize that with this comes the need for cats to blow off a bit of steam. Quality playtime with you is essential to keep a cat from getting overweight, bored and just plain lazy. There are many great interactive toys available here and in pet stores. You should play with your cat(s) for at least 20 minutes a day.
  • Feeding: The KSAN recommends quality nutrition. Avoid table scraps as a basis for your cat’s diet. Cat foods are specifically formulated to provide all the nutrients, vitamins and minerals that a cat needs. Start with a high quality cat food and a few goodies a week.
  • Litterbox use: Cats instinctively dig and bury their waste. As long as your cat knows where the litterbox is, he or she is sure to use it. Problems arise when you and your cat’s expectations surrounding the litterbox are not the same. Some cats don’t like to share with other cats, some require privacy and still others dislike the strong perfumes that are in some litter products. Keep an eye on your cat’s litterbox habits and note any changes in his or her behavior. 
  • Behavior problems: Most cats exhibit few behavior problems other than jumping on the table, waking you up at three a.m., or playing too roughly. All of these behaviors can be modified by how you approach them. Take a long look at the problem. If you don't want your cat on the table then get a squirt bottle and every time it jumps up, it gets wet. If you don't want to be woken up at three a.m., try feeding your cat twice a day so that it is less hungry early in the morning.



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